Warning!. Some of the PDF files below are huge, especially the manuals. They can take hours to download. If you just click the link your web browser may choke as it attempts to open the file. A good alternative to clicking on the link is to right click and select "Save target as.."(Windows).

Sidecar Manual by H. A. Kendall, Ph. D., Co-Founder, Past President, snd past Executive Secretary, USCA, Inc.

SideCar Manual.pdf (opens in new window)

Velorex 560 Manual, scanned and zipped. velorex560.zip (opens in new window)This was given to me by Ondra & Viki Kreibich of the Czech Republic.

Jawa Owner's Handbook 250 559-04 & 350 360-00. This is the book that came with the Californians in the USA and Australia during the early 1970's. Excellent PDF's provided by Jim Steed of Australia.

Jawa Workshop Manual 250-350.pdf . Another Jim Steed creation.

Ecxellent Jawa history book turned into a PDF by Jim Steed. jawabook.zip

Post-war Jawa/CZ USA dealer brochure. "The most talked about motorcycles in America". 14 pages, 5.29MB. Thanks to Jim Steed for guidance on creating PDFs from scans.